a fantasy based, real-time strategy video game developed by Multipath LLLP


Become the leader of your own tiny kingdom and lead a fully customizable army to battle in this pixel graphic RTS. Delve into our single player campaign to explore the many biomes of Colos and fight for peace in an RPG-inspired twist on the RTS genre that’ll guarantee replayability. Vanquish your opponents with town building and army creation in the fast paced, quick matches of multiplayer to make your kingdom slightly less tiny. With four unique factions to pledge your allegiance to, only one question remains: Who will you choose?

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Long ago, the factions of Colos were unified as one country: Tenebris.

The four divided countries of today were only districts of Tenebris. Each district was represented by an appointed Ruler, who was chosen for qualities that reflect those of their district. Upon assuming the position, the Ruler’s eyes would become the color of the district they represented (a trait that would be passed down through their offspring). 

Every year, the Rulers of the four districts would meet to discuss cultural harmony and economic direction. This meeting was known as the Conference of Four. The districts flourished together like this for centuries, in a time of prosperity and advancement known as the Golden Era. But legends tells that five hundred years ago, Lord Caerul, leader of the Caerul district, was expecting a child mere days before the Conference of Four. Lady Caerul gave birth to a beautiful, healthy son. When the newborn opened his eyes, they were a vibrant red. 

Enraged by the betrayal of his fellow Ruler and the illegitimacy of his son, the Lord Caerul plotted to assassinate Lord Rubrum. Caerul came close to killing Rubrum, but ultimately failed. The Lord Rubrum was offended- not by the attempt on his life, but for the assumption that he would even consider bedding the Lady Caerul. This clear attack against the Lady Caerul in turn offended her husband, who promptly left the conference with a strong desire for vengeance. The Lady Virdi thought the entire situation was ridiculous, and chided the two for bringing their feud to such an important meeting. Ruler Pura, true to their form, remained silent.

The district of Caerul promptly broke ties with the other three. Rubrum was quick to follow. Virdi realized that they did not gain anything from a crumbling coalition, and left soon after. Pura mostly kept to themselves, and continued to do so. Economies crumbled, and advancements slowed considerably, plummeting the continent into a new Dark Era. Ever since that fated meeting, the four districts have acted on their own accord. A few assassinations here, a few pillages there, and now everyone of the former Tenebris is firmly nationalistic. 

For the first time in five centuries, the Leader of Pura has called for another Conference of Four. Everyone surprisingly agrees to attend, curious as to what would deem the rebirth of this old and forsworn tradition. Pura prompts for the reunification of Colos in order to combine resources and expand into the Great Southern Sea. Everyone agrees, but no one is willing to forfeit the right on leading this newly-combined continent.


What motives do the Pura have for this proposition? And what will become of this tentative coalition?





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